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Distribution Files

Each distribution consist of three files:

The diffs are mainly useful for tracking changes. The complete tree is sufficient to build a running system; the diffs are not required for this.

Note that diffs are only available for recent versions. For older releases, only the source tree exists.

Furthermore, for each release, the corresponding change log entry and the announcement posting are available too. Click the release number to view them.

CVS Access

Users are encouraged to continue to use the releases instead of automatically assuming they should grab the latest version out of CVS. However, for reference, here is how to do it:

First, log in anonymously:

% cvs login
Just hit return when prompted for a password. Then, checkout the repository:
% cvs -z6 co -P linux-atm
You may also specify a branch to check out specifically:
% cvs -z6 co -r V2_5_0 linux-atm
In either case, this will create a directory called "linux-atm" with the latest sources in it. When working inside this directory you will not need to specify the '-d' option to CVS. For instance, you could just do
% cvs -z6 up -d
To grab any changes that have been put in the repository (the '-d' option in the above example is to the "up" sub-command and is different than the '-d' used to specify the CVS root directory)

The CVS archive may also be browsed on the web at:

Finally, if you would like to receive email including every diff that is committed to the repository as they go in, there is a new mailing list called "linux-atm-commits":

This mailing list should be treated as receive-only. NO discussion or questions are allowed (even of patches which are sent through that list). All discussion should be kept on the linux-atm-general mailing list.

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