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This page contains links to miscellaneous material used in conjuction with ATM on Linux or with ATM in general.


LANE Implementation
Marko Kiiskilä's diploma thesis entitled "Implementation of LAN Emulation Over ATM in Linux" is available in Postscript and PDF.


Arequipa slides
Slides of the Arequipa presentation at the 36th IETF meeting are available in Powerpoint and Postscript format.

Linux/Internet Kongress '95
The slides of the "ATM on Linux" presentation at the 2nd "Linux/Internet Kongress" (May 11/12 1995 in Berlin) are available for direct viewing, as (x)fig source, and in PostScript. The summary is available as LaTeX source, in PostScript, or as plain text.

3rd International Linux Kongress 1996
The slides shown at the 3rd International Linux Kongress 1996 are available in PostScript form. Note that there are more slides than were shown at the congress. The title slide is in a different file, due to its size (167 kB).

Auxiliary programs

Simple protocol simulator
A package containing a simple protocol simulator and models for simulating the signaling protocol used between the kernel and the signaling demon can be found in

General ATM information

Quick introduction
To find out more about ATM, you might want visit the ATM Forum. An excellent overview of current issues in ATM can be found in "Internetworking with ATM" by Anthony Alles (Cisco Systems).

For a rapid ATM overview, don't miss the tutorial slides of Jean-Yves Le Boudec.

Good books
For a broader overview on high-speed networking, you might want to read Craig Partridge's "Gigabit Networking" (ISBN 0-201-56333-9). For more ATM-specific information, you might want to have a look at the IBM redbook "Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM): Technical Overview".

IP over ATM
The home page of the IETF IP over ATM working group contains all there is to know about how IP is run over ATM today. An overview of IP over ATM implementation issues has been done as part of a diploma thesis at the Institute for computer Communication and Applications (ICA).

Linux information

High-performance Linux
Don't miss the High Performance Cluster Computing resource page and High Performance Computing Group pages if you're interested in high-performance computing on Linux.

General Linux information
If you want to know more about Linux in general, then this overview might be interesting to you.

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